LAA Lauds Arkansas AG Tim Griffin for Creating an Election Integrity Unit

Washington, D.C. – On March 13 Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin announced the creation of an election integrity unit (EIU). Look Ahead America (LAA) praises his work in creating this to improve voter confidence in elections moving forward.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, made the following statement:

We are thrilled that Arkansas is on the way to filling one of our six public policy objectives to improve voter integrity. Specifically, #5. Creation and Sufficient Funding for a Dedicated Voter Fraud Investigation Division within the State’s Attorney General’s Office.

The only thing left at this point is for Arkansas legislators to enshrine this unit into law so that a later administration cannot dismantle it nor alter its goals as we saw happen in Arizona under the new governor. Legislators must make sure that it has the jurisdiction to prosecute election fraud should a case get that far so as not to dismiss it either as we saw Texas do as well. Learn from the mistakes of other states and tie up the loose ends!

Keeping these offices protected by law with clear goals and authorities for prosecution will empower the state to handle voter fraud and help keep the citizens of Arkansas confident in future elections, as well as help to clean up past ones.

Recently, LAA also released an election integrity report card for 2023 prior to the announcement of the Arkansas EIU. For the full report, visit

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