Look Ahead America Officially Has 132 Election Fraud Cases Open, 111 in Texas

Washington, D.C. – Look Ahead America (LAA) has officially opened 132 election fraud cases open in several states, including a whopping 111 alone in Texas. The other states are Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

LAA is publishing a list of cases officially opened, successfully closed cases such as in Tennessee with Emily Jessop Bowers, and a handful of cases not pursued but still prosecutable under the statute of limitations. All will remain redacted until the cases are complete or publicly released.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, made a formal statement:

We are grateful that the states of Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin have kept us in the loop in regards to the progress and investigations in all of our election fraud submissions.

We hope to see most if not all of these cases come to a successful conclusion in which not only justice is served, but also faith and trust in our state government and elections gets rebuilt and restored.

The list of redacted cases can be found at https://LookAheadAmerica.org/OpenCases.


A PDF of this press release can be dowloaded here: LAA_PR_OpenCases.