3 Years of Look Ahead America: What We’ve Accomplished

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of Look Ahead America since our relaunch on January 20, 2021. Thank you to all of the supporters who helped us punch way above our weight to accomplish:

Voter Registration and Turnout

    • 25,000 newly registered patriots in Arizona in 2022.
    • 14,000 low-propensity patriots turned out to vote in Virginia in 2023.
    • Four rural counties in GA that now allow churches to organize their members to vote on Sundays.

Election Integrity

    • Over Fifty Election Integrity bills introduced across the country.  
    • Thousands of illegal voters removed from voter rolls.
    • Nearly 300 open cases, criminal referrals, and voter fraud convictions.  
    • Conclusive research showing the election impact of illegal ballots in GA, WI, PA, and AZ in the 2020 General Election.

Activist Training

    • Hundreds of patriots trained online and in person to become community organizers.

JusticeforJ6 Advocacy

    • Over 70 live protests, vigils, and rallies organized across the country.  
    • The J6 Question Project that successfully got every Republican Presidential Candidate on the record about J6 political prisoners.  
    • The J6 Database – the largest, most comprehensive database of J6 Political Prisoners.  
    • Production of the Political Prisoner Podcast giving.  
    • The Jobs for J6 Project helping former prisoners find gainful employment.

We could not have accomplished all of that without the support of our donors.

Please help us continue our fight by making a non-disclosed, tax-deductible contribution today at LookAheadAmerica.org.