Only 10 out of 159 counties will allow for Sunday voting in the state of Georgia in 2022 as of now, most of which are urban and progressive. In these counties, many people participate in Souls to the Polls, which is a progressive initiative in which religious leaders lead their congregations to the polls to vote together after the church service. This puts citizens in the more rural, patriotic counties at a blatant disadvantage since they are not given the same opportunities to vote with their church groups or alone on a Sunday.

Look Ahead America has decided to combat this by launching Patriotic Souls to the Polls, or PSP, which has the goal of having every county in the state of Georgia commit to keeping their election offices open on the two Sundays prior to an election. To find out more information about PSP, you can read our one-pager here.

We won’t be able to reach this goal without you. You can help us by clicking here to find out if your county is planning on allowing Sunday voting in the 2022 elections. If they are not (or are undecided), utilize the contact information provided in the link above to:

      • Call your county’s election office
      • Call your county clerk

You should ask them to allow Sunday voting in your county on the two Sundays leading up to an election just as Fulton County provides their citizens with this opportunity.

Please let us know when you reach out to your county and provide us with any updates by emailing LAA’s National Field Director Julie Fisher at