Mary Fanning (Absolute Proof Series Producer) Background

Lindell’s Absolute Proof source and producer Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer founded Absolute Proof, LLC in Illinois in 2013, seven years prior to 2020 (10 years ago now), and it has since dissolved.

Her husband is Gregg Kirchhoefer, a senior partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, who advised State Street Capital and to helped them buy Dominion Voting Systems in 2018:

Gregg Kirchhoefer founded the Technology and IP Transactions and Outsourcing practice groups:

According to LAA’s NCOA data, Mary moved from Wisconsin to Illinois in May 2018. Additionally, her phone number uses an Illinois area code. Her Wisconsin mailing address on the record goes to Chicago, Illinois, which she and her husband also own:

Her LinkedIn page lists her as a business owner and lists her location as Winnetka, Illinois.

A Wisconsin court case from 2010 in a lawsuit against a company owned by her and her husband shows the address in Winnetka, Illinois

She is not registered to vote in Illinois, but the address is a residence where she registered AbsoluteProof, LLC:

Though she is registered to vote in Wisconsin, she voted in person (absentee) on 10/30/2020 in Lake Geneva, WI unlike in previous years. She and her husband Gregg own the Wisconsin residential address, however, the NCOA change and all above data suggest they live in Illinois:

Even Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit wrote: “The segment with Fanning was lacking. We shared an article where we discussed a man by the name of Dennis Montgomery who Fanning claimed provided her the information shared in ‘Ultimate Truth’. The data presented by Fanning was garbage.  Dennis Montgomery has a long history of fraud and deceit.” 

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