MAGA Figures Who Embrace Early Absentee / Mail Voting

President Trump voted by mail for the 2020 Primary Election, early in person for the 2020 General Election, and vote by mail in a 2021 Municipal Election in Palm Beach, FL:

President Trump: 

Until we can eliminate ballot harvesting, we will become masters of ballot harvesting […] We have no choice, beating Democrats at their own game. And we will do it legally.

Don Trump Jr.:

Don’t just wait for Election Day. If you’re a Republican voter, I know we like to vote on Election Day. Get out there, start voting early, bring your friends, call them and make sure they know what’s at stake. 

Kari Lake:

URGENT. Arizona, If you have a Mail-In Ballot, fill it out and Mail it in ASAP.

Blake Masters:

We simply have to beat them at this VBM game, and rely less on ED voting as a party. Not a new thought — this is obvious to everyone now. I intend to spend a substantial part of my time and energy these next few years helping make that happen.

Scott Presler:

By voting early, you’re able to identify potential problems & solve them before it’s too late. 

If Republicans plan to only vote on Election Day in 2024, we will lose — like when 30% of Maricopa County, AZ, polling locations had machine errors on one day. 

Charlie Kirk: 

One of the first lessons we have to take from the midterms is the power of early voting. Florida is able to do it efficiently and securely. DeSantis barely lost “Early by Mail” and mopped the floor with “Early in Person” drop-offs 61% to 38%.

Doug Mastriano: 

We must […] adjust our attitude toward mail-in voting. If we plan on winning statewide offices, we have no choice but to embrace this method of voting.

Stephen Miller:

The No. 1 reason for that [loss] is Democrat mastery of mail-in balloting, vote harvesting, and the machinery of the early vote in these states where they’re voting for weeks if not months before the election. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene:

In order to overcome stolen elections, Republicans must increase voter turn out and vote by every means possible. Register more voters, harvest ballots, mail-in, vote early, and encourage voters to vote. We can’t make real changes without full control. We need the White House. 

Lauren Boebert:

We’re trying to get those ballot harvesting campaigns in place that we have to play by their game.

Matt DePerno [Endorsed for GOP Chair of Michigan by Mike Lindell]:

[We will have] the biggest [absentee] ballot harvesting program this state has ever seen.

We’re going to knock on doors, we’re going to collect absentee ballots and we’re going to put them in the bank. 

Mark Finchem: 

To ensure that every qualified voter’s voice is heard, we must adopt a ‘by all legal means’ strategy that includes ballot chasing, voter assistance, & LAWFUL ‘ballot harvesting.’ We all must be engaged to reform our broken election laws, it starts with voting. #endcheating 

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