LAA Urges Limestone County, TX District Attorney to Indict Decade-Long Double Voter

Washington, D.C. – Look Ahead America (LAA) urges that the Limestone County, Texas Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office move to indict and arrest a man for double voting from 2014 to 2022 in Texas and New Mexico.

Both the affected states were members of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) in 2020-2022; New Mexico joined ERIC in July 2016 and remains, while Texas enrolled in ERIC in March 2020 until its recent departure in October 2023.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, remarked:

When I submitted this case based on data up through 2020 to the clerks and to the secretaries of state, there was still time to indict. Unfortunately, due to caseloads and priorities, the statute of limitations had run out.

Naturally, this voter did it again in 2022 – I mean, why not if nobody is going to hold you accountable, right? Fortunately, now they have time to go after this guy; I’ve sent in the all evidence, filed the notarized affidavit, plus they have all the internal records in both states going back a decade, and I’m even willing to testify in person if needed.

ERIC failed to catch an obvious case of double voting with its member states, showing that Texas was right to leave a system that wasted over two million dollars of taxpayer funds.

We also flagged hundreds more similar double voting cases in Texas alone, but the Secretary of State has refused to cooperate, instead letting the statute of limitations run out. Such inaction emboldens criminals to repeat as we witnessed with the 2022 vote because everyone knows that nothing will happen.

Well, the ball is in your court now, Limestone. Let’s get this done before November 2025.

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