Thanks to LAA, Long Lines in Cherokee County for Sunday Voting

Cherokee County, GA – Long lines stretched around the block during Sunday voting hours in Cherokee County yesterday thanks to Look Ahead America’s success in establishing Sunday voting there earlier this year.

Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard Braynard made the following statement:

We set out a year ago to give rural, patriotic Georgians the same voting rights as urban progressive voters by pressuring county Board of Elections in the rural counties to allow Sunday voting just like it’s allowed in progressive counties.

One of our success stories was Cherokee County where we got county officials to agree to allow Sunday voting and where we’ve reached out to pastors and religious leaders to encourage their congregants to vote.

I was personally heartened to hundreds of voters lined up around the block in that county yesterday, and this should motivate all patriots in Georgia to demand these voting rights for themselves in all the rural counties of the state.

Read more about Look Ahead America’s Patriotic Souls to the Polls effort here:

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LAA Challenges Remove 43 Illegitimate Voters from Rockdale County Georgia

Look Ahead America (LAA) has confirmed from the Rockdale County Supervisor of Elections that all 43 voters that LAA volunteers found illegally registered at the USPS, the UPS Store, and at PostNet have been successfully removed or corrected from the voter rolls.

These 43 voters were removed prior to the 2022 General Election and prevented from voting.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, made the following comment:

This is additional validation of the work found by LAA’s volunteers. While State Senator and failed Secretary of State candidate Bee Nguyen attacked our work, it has been vindicated by a 100% success rate when county election officials actually consider the evidence.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger never bothered to address this evidence himself, despite us providing it to him on a statewide basis two years ago.

Look Ahead America will continue to be an active watchdog on behalf of election integrity.

To read the email from the clerk and the sanitized voter list, please visit

To volunteer with Look Ahead America, please visit:

For a PDF of this press release, please download it here: LAA_PR_GA_Wins.

LAA Announces Voter Challenge Wins from Volunteers

Look Ahead America’s (LAA) initiative to empower and educate volunteers living in nine states (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin) on challenging ineligible voters recently concluded.

After sending volunteers their county’s potentially ineligible voters – based on public data from the United States Postal Service, which provides permanent address moves, minus military bases and families – LAA requested that these same volunteers share their successes.

Allegheny County, PA – Successfully challenged a voter using parent’s address.

A volunteer’s parents received a mailing at their address for a man who never lived there; the family has continuously occupied the home since the 1950s, and before them a couple with a different last name. When the volunteer inspected the voter roll, he found that the man has a mailing address in Canada and suspected that he was a UOCAVA [Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act] voter. Although he had cast a mail-in ballot for the 2022 Primary, the volunteer’s parents successfully challenged his ballot in the 2022 General. The volunteer asked: “How many more cases like his are there out there?” 

Douglas County, NV – Removed a voter who moved to CA and had died in 2015. 

This volunteer’s challenge occurred outside the legal window, however, because he had a copy of the voter’s California death certificate which shows the last four Social Security numbers, the clerk informed the volunteer that this voter’s record will be flagged for any activity and promptly removed after the election. (The voter list remains locked for thirty days after the challenge window by law.) Since the death certificate came from California, which is not an ERIC member, the clerk thinks that this explains why the county missed it.

Gwinnett County, GA – Submitted ~10,000 names with personal knowledge of three.

A volunteer in Gwinnett County, Georgia submitted a challenge of approximately 10,000 voters based on the list provided by LAA. The head of the county elections confirmed receipt and explained that he will submit the challenge to the board of elections. The volunteer reviewed the list for voters on his street and has personal knowledge that three had in fact permanently moved out of state. He remarked, “Keep up the good work, LAA!”

Yorktown County, VA – Became an Election Officer, running for Board of Elections.

The volunteer received training and swore in as Officer of Election in October. She will apply for appointment to an open Board of Election seat for three-year term starting January 2023. She credited LAA’s efforts to empower her.

Miami County, OH – With the help of volunteer friends in Michigan & Washington, the volunteer confirmed that ERIC isn’t flagging double registrations with clerks.  

After consulting with a peer in Michigan, the Ohio volunteer found at least ten voters double registered in an active status in both states. The Ohio volunteer then reached out to a Washington State researcher, and of the five movers to Washington from Miami County, they confirmed one registered and remains active in both Washington State and Miami County. The volunteer noted that all three states are ERIC participants, and wrote “The implications of this is mind blowing, if other counties have the same or similar data… [these states have] SERIOUS problems following the rules […] Thank you for your efforts!”

Guilford County, NC – Challenged twenty-four voters registered in other states, educated the Director of Elections on challenge procedures.

The volunteer submitted the voter challenge forms with property deed records and voter registrations in other states to the Director of Elections. The volunteer remarked, “The Director of Elections of Guilford County acted like he had never seen one of these forms before and didn’t seem to know if this type of documentation was enough to remove these voters from the voter roll. He kept referencing the term ‘court order’ as if this Voter Form was going to be reviewed by some type of court/judge. Even though I was able to address just a small number of voters prior to the deadline, I wanted to see it to the end, so it would give me a better understanding of how this works.” This is one example of volunteer education helping officials in the real world. 

Barron County, WI – Sent lists to clerks for further review. 

The volunteer submitted 365 names on the active voter list to the Barron County clerk and the municipal clerk that had permanently moved, as well as an indefinitely confined list as well. Regardless of the outcome, the volunteer noted that the approach in the challenges mattered: “I’m trying to be quite congenial in our discussions to let them know we are watching things closely without making them defensive, for as we know our 2024 election will be as important as this one and I don’t want to burn any bridges. Thank you very doing this important work.”

St. Lucie County, FL – Contacted voters by phone to get confirmation of ineligibility.

The volunteer called two voters on the list to find out their residency status. The first voter, a Republican, told the volunteer that she changed her license and had thought that it would have taken her off the voter rolls, and the other, an Independent, said that on the back of her change of address she cancelled her voter information. The volunteer will continue working; thus far she has found one more voter, a Democrat, who voted by mail this year but left in 2019 and has no military, student, federal, or overseas exemptions.

Lancaster County, PA – Sent to Board of Elections and raised awareness/flagged. 

The volunteer spoke with the Chief Registrar for the Lancaster County Board of Elections. The registrar informed the voter that they were unable to perform any voter list maintenance in the ninety days before an election, but did offer to accept the list of challenges and would attempt to contact the voters if any of them applied for a ballot.

Franklin County, OH – Came away feeling Ohio and Franklin County had cleaned the voter rolls and checked as they did deep dives on double registered voters.

The volunteer sent the Deputy Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections eleven names of people registered in two states requesting absentee ballots. Despite being past the thirty-day window for an official challenge, the Deputy Director assigned a staff attorney to research the findings. After many phone calls, the voters were contacted and corrected. The volunteer wrote in a follow up email, “Ohio cleaned up the rolls. This is some evidence of that vigilance working. Thank you for allowing me to participate in an important activity for a citizen.”

Pinellas County, FL – Three volunteers teamed up and submitted seventy-one cases.

Three LAA volunteers joined up and submitted seventy-one potentially ineligible voters to the clerks, including a voter who moved to New York permanently in 2020, registered to vote there in 2021, and requested a vote by mail ballot. They stated that the county clerk gave them a difficult time and said that it would take four years to remove the voter, even with sufficient evidence that the voter is ineligible to vote in Florida. They have not given up on challenging this voter and are considering taking legal action against the clerk.

Pinal County, AZ – Got the list to the district GOP for “official” submission.

The Pinal County Recorder called the volunteer and stated that she said she was supportive of the effort from LAA and the volunteer. Although the recorder stated that her office can’t accept non-verified outside information, she put the volunteer in touch with the Republican Party chair for the district that the volunteer resides in, and the chairperson agreed to accept the database. Since that is a “trusted source” according to the Recorder’s Office, that was how the challenges made their way through the system.

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LAA’s Braynard Statement on Discord Server Shutdown, Defamation Lawsuit

Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement in an email to supporters this weekend regarding Discord’s slanderous defamation of LAA.

As you may have heard, our Discord server was shut down.

This is unfortunate because it had been a thriving online community of thousands of America First conservatives as well as international supporters. We had a book club, movie nights, a forum for job seekers, and discussions about everything from video games to arts and crafts to recipes.

We never violated any Discord rules. However, as a woke corporation in San Francisco, they didn’t really need a reason to shut us down.

However, in the process of shutting us down they sent an email to every registered user on our server telling them that we had engaged in making fraudulent claims about elections, attempted to suppress voters, and tried to prevent elections from occurring. I’ve attached the message they sent out.

We believe this email blasted out to the whole world was false and defamatory, and we’ve taken the first steps of legal action against Discord, Inc., by retaining the same firm that helped us with our response to Dominion Voting Equipment’s scare letters, Dhillon Law headed by Harmeet Dhillon.

The initial phase of this process involves research into the likelihood of success which has a price tag of $10,000. IF you’d like to help us fund this first step, please contribute at

You can also mail a check to:

Look Ahead America, 722 12th Street NW, Suite 538, Washington DC 20005.

In the meantime, we have started a Guilded server which seems more tolerant of dissident political viewpoints. You can find it here:

Yet Guilded is still hosted by a corporation that may be hostile. Our long-term goal is to build an online community using a self-hosted solution. If you have a platform to recommend, please send an email to our research director, Ian Camacho at

Thank you for your support.

America First, America Forever.

Matt Braynard

Executive Director

Look Ahead America


For a PDF of this press release, please download it here: LAA_PR_Discord.

Look Ahead America Releases Wisconsin Elections Commission Complaints and Replies

Two days ago, Look Ahead America (LAA) announced that its Wisconsin volunteers received threats of $500 fines if they filed “frivolous complaints” of illegal voter registrations to the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). Today, LAA publishes these complaints to the WEC, and the WEC replies thus far received.

LAA’s Director of Research, Ian Camacho, stated:

We are releasing these for the public to review. We made best efforts to provide primary sources, solid documentation, and proper legal citations of illegal voter registrations. The problem isn’t just that these complaints were rejected but that the WEC offered no explanation why they were rejected.

It is unreasonable for the WEC to dismiss without explanation cases of what appear to be double voters and people who registered in new states before voting in Wisconsin, which is illegal. Fortunately, there are county District Attorneys, Secretaries of States in other states, clerks and fraud units at the DMV that are investigating these as well.

If the WEC won’t do its job, then why shouldn’t the Wisconsin legislature vote to dissolve the WEC and give oversight of elections back to the Wisconsin Secretary of State?

To review the report with complaints and replies, visit

For The Wisconsin Report, which uncovered ineligible voters in 2020 in Wisconsin, visit:

For the Wisconsin clerk replies to LAA’s work, visit: , , and

For the PDF of this press release, download it here: LAA_PR_WECComplaintsandReplies.

Wisconsin Election Commission Threatens LAA Volunteers with $500 Fines and Rejects Complaints Without Reasons

Washington, DC – The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) rejected nine of eleven complaints that volunteers in three Wisconsin counties submitted related to 2020 voters. Although no reasons were given for any rejections, each rejection letter ends with a threat of a $500 fine for filing frivolous claims.

Director of Research, Ian Camacho, stated:

Rejecting these cases as potentially frivolous is absurd. All complaints included ample primary source documents such as voter registration records, property records, obituaries to confirm voter spouses, and voter records. These cases include a double voter in Florida and Wisconsin, which Florida is also currently investigating, and a person who registered in Texas before voting in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is discouraging citizens from asking questions or raising issues by threatening punitive fines. When our volunteers in Wisconsin asked WEC attorneys for more information as to the rejections, the WEC’s reply was that the committee has its own process for review.

However, our efforts have found success in other parts of the state. The elections clerk from the Village of Brown Deer notified the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles of a voter who recently registered at the USPS. The clerk canceled the registration immediately upon having been notified this year by LAA that the location is a USPS and ineligible for voter registrations. When LAA followed up with notices that a person obtaining a Wisconsin driver’s license or identification using a P.O. Box is illegal, despite initial pushback, the Department of Transportation finally agreed to investigate this situation.

LAA will publish the redacted complaints to WEC for further review soon.

For The Wisconsin Report, which uncovered ineligible voters in 2020 in Wisconsin, visit:

For the Wisconsin clerk replies to LAA’s work, visit:

For a downloadable PDF of this press release, click here: LAA_PR_WEC_Complaints_FINAL.

LAA Finds Nearly 4 in 5 NCOA Permanently Moved Active Voters Are Ineligible to Vote in Arizona

Look Ahead America released a report today on the 55,015 active voters in Arizona’s voter database whom the US Postal Service determined to have permanently moved out of state at least 60 days before the 2022 General Election.

Using a random sample from these 55,015 active voters, we conducted a supplemental analysis to further confirm or deny the voters’ eligibility to vote in the upcoming election.

LAA found additional information beyond the USPS designation that confirmed 79.6% are not eligible to vote in Arizona’s 2022 General Election.

Look Ahead America invites activists to participate in an audit of the voter audit of nine states (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin) by signing up at

For the full report, please visit

For a PDF copy of this press release, please get it here: LAA_PR_AZ_NCOA_2022.


LAA Announces Pre-Election Voter List Audit for Nine States: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin

Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

Our organization is proud to have raised the funds necessary to conduct a pre-election audit of voter lists in nine states to identify voters that are candidates for removal due to illegitimate addresses or having moved permanently out of state.

The plan is to provide this data to each state’s Secretary of State’s Elections Division and to local activist groups for additional research and follow-up. We believe these records are also grounds for county-level activists to challenge votes and will be making them available upon request for that purpose.

The problem with the 2020 election was that so much of this effort was directed at trying to correct voter lists after Election Day. We believe that if we apply this rigorous hygiene before the election, we will help prevent illegal ballots from being cast and, just as important, restore confidence in the elections among those who may have doubts.

Look Ahead America invites activists to participate in our voter audit by signing up at

Activists can petition their Secretary of State’s Elections Office to investigate these records, request their county Board of Elections review them, and challenge ballots cast in the names of these voters.

For a summary of the laws and ways to challenge ineligible voters in these nine states, please visit for the full report.

For a PDF of this press release, download it here: LAA_PR_Audit_2022.

Look Ahead America Commends Virginia’s Attorney General for Creating an Election Integrity Unit

Look Ahead America (LAA) commends Jason Miyares, Attorney General of Virginia, on his announcement of a 20-person election integrity unit. This completely complies with our organization’s vision of one of the six major election reforms needed to improve state and federal elections. From the LAA Election Integrity Initiatives:

      1. Creation and Sufficient Funding for a Dedicated Voter Fraud Investigation Division within the State’s Attorney General’s Office.

 Many states have little to no standing effort to investigate voter fraud. Dedicating a sufficient level of staffing and funding to a permanent division within the state’s attorney general’s office will help to defend the integrity of our elections.

Matt Braynard, Executive Director of LAA, made the following statement:

This is one of many steps in the right direction that we have seen a number of states around the country take to clean up election integrity. 2020 was a stress test on our election security and in many ways, we failed this as a nation and everybody saw that happen in real time. The silver lining here is that now we know the weaknesses and issues of what needs to be worked on. With this office in Virginia is that they have the staff to dedicate the resources and time needed to give serious investigations to legitimate claims. Anybody who is opposed to this is obviously on the side of criminality and lawlessness, and furthermore are the primary source of overworked and understaffed election clerks that lead to high turnover. Remember that for when it is time to vote these people out of office.

To read all of Look Ahead America’s Election Integrity Initiatives, you may find them here:

For a PDF of this press release, you may download it at: LAA_VA_AGEIU_PR.