Pennsylvania Improves Voter Data Transparency Following LAA Report

After Look Ahead America identified important missing information in Pennsylvania’s voter data platform, the state’s Office of Administration agreed to make an update to remedy the problem.

The email acknowledging the change from Pennsylvania can be found here:

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

This small but simple win shows that anybody can improve election integrity and transparency by contacting their local and state level officials politely and with a clear focused outcome in mind.

We have followed up for full clarity on which Mail Application Types qualify as overseas military and civilian ballot types to get further transparency. We will update our Pennsylvania Report accordingly with this new information as it comes in to make a more accurate assessment of the data and numbers.

Read the full details of LAA’s Pennsylvania Report which identified the missing information here:

To read the PDF of this press release, you may download it here: LAA_PR_PAUpdate

Look Ahead America Overhauls Its January 6 Arrestee Database

Look Ahead America (LAA) has released its updated January 6 Prisoner and Arrestee Database for public review. The database and analysis provide a graphical and dynamic breakdown (updated daily) of arrestees and prisoners by age, race, gender, state arrested, monthly frequency of arrests, sentencing, probation, and prisoner locations.

No other January 6 database comes close in terms of its accuracy and thoroughness; all information presented derives from open source records and private leads with source links provided for further review.

Matt Braynard, LAA’s Executive Director, made the following statement:

Look Ahead has pioneered the Justice for J6 movement and this substantial upgrade to our tracking system is another way we are helping to bring attention to the political persecution of our patriotic brothers and sisters.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

Our analysis page and database make it crystal clear that over the 15 months absolutely no one has been charged with insurrection or treason related to the events of January 6, 2021. As more video evidence comes out, the public becomes more aware that the Capitol Police and various intelligence agencies conspired to entrap people protesting (as guaranteed by their First Amendment right), just as in the so-called Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot.

To view the database graphs and charts, check out

To view the database with new search features and items, visit

To listen to The Political Prisoner podcast, click

For a PDF of this press release, you may download it from here: LAA_PR_J6DB_Overhaul

Look Ahead America’s Pennsylvania Report Delegitimizes Biden’s Presidency

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America (LAA) has finally released the long-awaited Pennsylvania Report today. Using publicly available data, the report shows conclusively that not only did the number of illegally counted ballots in Pennsylvania determine the outcome of the presidential election, but also the state treasurer election.

This report, combined with LAA’s Georgia and Wisconsin Reports that reached the same conclusion, now puts the outcome of the 2020 General Election into question beyond a reasonable doubt.

Matt Braynard, LAA’s Executive Director, made the following statement:

Despite being a new and nimble organization with a limited budget, we have now conclusively determined that illegal ballots were determinative in the outcome of the US Presidential election. The states of Georgia, Wisconsin, and now Pennsylvania combined constitute forty-six electoral votes – more than enough to have swung the election.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

This research establishes that Pennsylvania never should have certified their results and that the state broke the law by not holding the necessary recount.  It’s also established that the PA Secretary of State provided false information under oath to the US Supreme Court and must be held accountable.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at

For a PDF of this press release, you may find it for download at LAA_PR_PA_Report_4-28

Look Ahead America Releases Election Integrity Report Card

Today, the Research Group at Look Ahead America (LAA) released the Year One report card documenting state’s efforts to reform their election operations to restore public confidence.

Matt Braynard, LAA’s Executive Director, made the following statement:

Given how new our organization is, I’m very proud of our volunteer-driven efforts succeeding in getting forty-eight bills introduced across the country that are legitimate attempts to repair our election system. That eight of those bills have become law is even more astounding. We still have a long way to go, but we’re off to a great start.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

We hope that with this report we can motivate more people in their states to help us introduce these election integrity objectives to their legislators and get them passed into law. It’s going to take a lot of work, but with more volunteers and funding, we’re confident that we can both fix and restore the public’s confidence in our broken election system.

From the report:

Across the country, forty-eight bills were introduced addressing our objectives and eight of them passed into law. This is an excellent record considering LAA started this effort in mid-2021 and given our limited budget. This success is largely attributed to our base of highly-motivated volunteers all across the country. And while some of the legislation driven by our objectives failed to pass, they have value as an initial step towards passage and serve as potential reference legislation for other states.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at

For the PDF of this Press Release, you may download it at LAA_PR_Election_Integrity_Updates.

Look Ahead America Releases Anti-Corporate Censorship Model Legislation

Washington, DC – Today, the Research Group at Look Ahead America (LAA) released model legislation to fight corporate censorship at the state level.

The goal of the model legislation is to prevent businesses that censor legal speech or deplatform those who are engaged in legal businesses from benefiting from government contracts.

Matt Braynard, Executive Director of Look Ahead America, made the following statement:

Social media networks, technology companies, and financial institutions are increasingly serving as agents of Cultural Marxism by censoring and deplatforming patriots engaged in legal speech.

While they are free to do that, they are not entitled to enrich themselves with government business and contracts funded by the same taxpayers they are unpersoning. This model legislation will force these corporations to make a choice: either stop censoring legal speech and deplatforming legal businesses or no more government business.

In the event corporations decide to forgo government contracts in order to continue censoring legal speech, it will create opportunities for new startups that do not censor and deplatform to pursue those contracts. By deciding to censor patriotic Americans, these corporations will create a funding source for new competitors to enter the market and eat their lunch.

Ian Camacho, Look Ahead America’s Director of Research, stated:

Corporate apologists use the refrain, “they’re a private company, they can do whatever they want.” These corporations play both sides claiming to be both a private publisher and neutral platform, all the while taking taxpayer dollars. It’s time that we held them accountable and make them feel pain for abusing the system. It is my hope that the citizens of every state get their legislators onboard to restrict these out of control companies that are censoring patriotic Americans.

To read the full details of the bill, check out our project page on fighting corporate censorship at

For a PDF of this press release, you may download it at LAA_PR_Anti-Corporate_Censorship_Bill.

Look Ahead America Confirms Illegal Voter Registrations in AZ & PA

Look Ahead America Confirms Illegal Voter Registrations in AZ & PA

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America’s (LAA) Research Group recently verified illegal voter registrations in both Arizona and Pennsylvania that cast ballots in the 2020 General Election.

Ian Camacho, Look Ahead America’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

This unique type of illegal registration – registered at P.O. Boxes and similar locations not allowed by law – totaled almost 1,700 across two swing states. This was just one of six tranches of illegal ballots; we are still working on identifying illegal ballots in the additional five tranches. Further, this search was not exhaustive since we could not check other nonresidential types of locations due to limited resources. Nevertheless, I am proud of the work our team has done.

LAA had submitted these finds to State Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office after Look Ahead Arizona (LAAZ) held its election integrity rally in December 2021 but never heard back, despite Brnovich’s claims of being tough on crime and working to improve election integrity. By bringing attention to these finds, LAA intends to bring public pressure to get him to finally do something about this issue.

To read about LAAZ’s election integrity rally, please visit our site at

To read the detailed report, please read the PDF at

For a PDF of this press release, you may download it at LAA_PR_AZ_PA_T1.

Arizona HB 2492 Gets Look Ahead America’s Second Ever A+ On Election Integrity

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America’s (LAA) Research Group reviewed 6 election integrity bills from of the state of Arizona’s House of Representatives: HB 2412, 2379, 2469, 2492, 2571 and HCR 2025.

While some bills were entirely ineffective, such as HB 2379 and HB 2469, and others were somewhat effective but didn’t cover our objectives like HB 2412 and 2571, ultimately LAA awarded HB 2492 its second A+ for election integrity.

From the report:

We award it our second ever A+ on election integrity as it perfectly encapsulates the criteria to verify and clean the voter rolls. We would be thrilled for it to pass into law; it would not only significantly improve election integrity, but also pave the way for other states to follow suit using this as an existing law for a template of their own. This more than makes up for Hoffman’s 3 bills that we previously had criticized.

Ian Camacho, Look Ahead America’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

It is apparent that this bill’s sponsors have carefully studied and used our second election integrity objective – Mandated and Public Voter List Hygiene – verbatim. I would like to credit the efforts of our hard-working staff at Look Ahead Arizona for getting state legislators to turn this major election integrity goal into a reality. Once it passes the State Senate, Arizona will be leading the nation in election reforms for the better. I am proud to be a part of this team effort and particularly would like to credit Julie Fisher and John Restuccia for their efforts in the Grand Canyon State.

To read the details and review of these six Arizona bills, please visit

To read all six of LAA’s election integrity objectives, visit

For a PDF of this press release, please download it here: LAAZ_6_Bills_PR

Wisconsin Validates Look Ahead America’s Findings on Illegal Ballots, Rigged Election

On March 1, 2022, the state of Wisconsin’s Office of Special Counsel released a report that validated LAA’s findings of illegal ballots and election rigging.

The OSC Report stated:

This was not the only abuse of the indefinitely confined voting law. A flagrant example is that of State Senator Patricia Schachtner […] and her husband signed statements indicating that they were indefinitely confined voters for the November 2020 election and opted to receive absentee ballots pursuant to Wis. Stat. 6.87(2). However, social media showed the Schachtner family to be active outside their home in the months prior to and during the election both for personal recreation and as Schachtner campaigned for reelection.

LAA’s Wisconsin Report documented 157,000 illegally cast ballots that abused the state’s indefinitely confined status. The OSC report goes on to validates the findings of LAA additional report, “Rigged: How Zuckerberg and the Left Bought and Election” that documented the Facebook founder and far left activists gave pro-Biden counties in Wisconsin unfair advantages over voters in the rest of the state.

In one notable case of illegal ballots being cast, State Representative Gary Hebl and his wife claimed indefinitely confined status for voting, yet their social media records show that they were out hiking, biking, and on speedboats, as well as holding large social gatherings without facemasks.

Director of Research Ian Camacho made the following statement:

The evidence is overwhelming that Wisconsin should never have certified its electors. The Office of Special Counsel reached the same conclusions that we did, and we hope that as a result they enact stricter protocols to protect every legal, law abiding Wisconsin resident’s sacred right to vote.

To read the details of The Wisconsin Report, go to

To read more on How Zuckerberg and the Left Bought an Election see

For a PDF of this Press Release, download it at LAA_WI_OSC_Report_PR.

LAA Presents Duped: A Citizen’s Findings of the 2020 Election and Recount (as Presented to Cherokee and Cobb County, GA)

Look Ahead America presents Duped: A Citizen’s Findings of the 2020 Election and Recount.

Director of Research Ian Camacho hosted special guest Cherokee County resident Troy Horton last night. Troy presented this meticulously researched material to the Cherokee County Board of Elections last month during the time for public comment.

The presentation avoids speculation and opinion; it focuses on facts, data, and evidence. It makes a strong case for hand-marked paper ballots, open source voting machines, and improved record-keeping for forensic audits and public access.

Watch the full video interview from February 15, 2022 below.

Read the detailed PowerPoint presentation that Troy Horton shared here: LAA_Troy_Horton_Cherokee_Cobb_County_Presentation

To read our Georgia Report, which examined Georgia voter record issues, check it out below:

You can also watch our recent Patriotic Souls to the Polls announcement aimed at registering more rural Georgia citizens: