LAA Response to Virginia Attorney General’s Cease and Desist Order

Yesterday evening, Look Ahead America’s (LAA) attorneys sent a response to Virginia Attorney General’s Cease and Desist Order. That response can be found at

Today, LAA’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

We believe we are within our rights and fulfilling a vital mission reminding our constituency that treasured rights and benefits are on the line each election and that not voting puts these rights and benefits at risk of loss.

As a result of our flyers and mailers, many elderly, disabled, and other disaffected Americans have reached out to us for help with exercising their right to vote.

While we are currently abiding by the cease and desist order, our attorneys have requested an urgent meeting with the Attorney General’s office to resolve this amicably and in favor of our cause and our First Amendment rights.

Virginia Voter Assistance is a special project of Look Ahead America, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in good standing with the IRS. The organization’s mission is to serve disaffected patriotic Americans of rural and blue collar backgrounds through community organizing and civil rights activism. LAA does not support or oppose any candidate for elected office or any political party.

View a PDF of this press release here.