LAA Takes Legal Action Against Virginia Attorney General

In response to the Virginia Attorney General’s decision to prevent Look Ahead America (LAA) from telling voters the truth about the cost of failing to vote, LAA has taken legal action. This morning, LAA’s attorneys have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction and a temporary restraining order against Virginia’s Attorney General in Federal Court along with a lawsuit for violating the organization’s First Amendment rights.

LAA’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

Our Founders knew that speaking the truth could be dangerous, and they enshrined the protections for speech in our First Amendment for exactly that reason.

Unfortunately, Virginia’s Attorney General has taken action to deny our organization’s right to speech at a critical moment: when we are educating Virginia voters about the rights and benefits that they put at risk when they fail to vote. Not only has the Attorney General violated our First Amendment rights, he has done so by wildly misapplying Virginia law. This precedent would have a chilling effect not only on our political speech but the speech of others as well.

Our organization has never been afraid to speak out when others chose to remain silent. We were the first to demand justice for the January 6th protesters who were being unfairly persecuted by the US Department of Justice when we petitioned the DOJ and FBI for charges to be dropped against nonviolent offenders all the way back in January of 2021. We have led the way demanding election integrity that has resulted in convictions and criminal referrals for violating election laws.

And now we have taken steps to protect not only our First Amendment rights but the First Amendment rights of all Virginians with our legal action against the Attorney General.

Our nation will not be saved by cowards. America First, America Forever.

Matt Braynard is available for interviews. Please reach out to Julie Fisher at or at 202.709.6252.

Download the full press release and legal filing here.

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